Wiggly Rainbows and Other Cool Things

Here are two very cool and unique design portfolio websites that I found online at www.awwwards.com. The first is Anthony Goodison Design and the second is North2 Design.


Let’s talk about Anthony first. Anthony seems like a really cool, very skilled nerd (I like nerds, I’m engaged to one). Almost everything on Anthony’s site is animated. But sometimes it can get distracting. In my opinion, if he just took out a few of the animations, it wouldn’t take away from his portfolio work. It also makes scrolling frustrating.. when.. every.. single.. scroll.. is.. animated. I like scrolling FAST. If you’re going do that Anthony, at least have a menu bar so we can flip between projects a bit quicker. Click here to view Anthony’s fancy-shmancy wiggly website.


The second site I looked at was North2. Like Anthony, they’ve got lots of animations, but somehow I don’t find them quite as distracting. I liked the masking effects – very unique. My favourite page was the About Us page. I played around with it for almost 20 minutes. I thought the colours were a bit much, but that’s just me. I’d like to see the same site in black and white – I imagine it would look trés classy. Click here to view North2’s exciting rainbow extravaganza website.

Thanks for reading, folks.


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